WSC Ticket Updaters

WHMCS Support Ticket Updaters is a unique feature for WSC Pro license holders. Ticket Updaters allow you to configure automated actions. With hundreds of different combinations, this feature has been designed to fit many different use cases. Maybe you want to remind your customers to supply access information to services if they didn't add this information when the support ticket was created. Or maybe you want to escalate support requests that have been waiting a long time. Either scenario is possible with WSC Ticket Updaters.

Hundreds of Combinations

Backend in the WSC UI, a maximum of four ticket updaters can be working at the same time. The design works in a flow configuration. Actions start at the top and end at the bottom. This allows you to choose when to post messages to requests. Which WHMCS administrator will be used to post the message? And even what to do after the message has been posted.