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How does the WHMCS Support Module protect my customer's data?

You enter an Encryption Key into the module. That key is stored in hashed format in the database. When your customers complete a credentials form the key is used to encrypt the data. The encrypted data sits in your database and when one of your support team clicks the Credentials tab on the WHMCS support ticket, the key is used to decrypt the data and display it in plain text. The ability to use a custom key to encrypt data and display it in a tab is unique to the WHMCS Support Module. Once the support ticket has been closed, any data left by the customer is deleted from the database.

Can the Credentials form be modified?

Yes, but this is license dependent. WSC-Pro users can change all of the text on the credentials form and hide sections that are not needed. WSC-Free and WSC-FreePlus users are not able to edit any of the fields on the form.

Can you use multiple Credentials Forms?

Not yet, but soon. V2.1.2 of the module will see the addition of multiple forms on a per-department basis. This feature is expected in WHMCS 8.9.1.

What do the ticket updaters do?

These have many use cases and are another unique feature of our WHMCS module. From asking your customers to supply additional information to apologising for a delay in answering the customer's request to closing requests after a certain time. The sole purpose of this feature is to automate tasks that would usually require a human to perform. Saving you valuable time.

What languages can be used with the WHMCS Support Module?

We've already translated the text within the module to all languages supported by WHMCS. If your customer chooses a different language in their client area. The module will use the same language. All of the language files are provided to all users respective of license tier and can be edited.

Can the WHMCS Support Module be used with replication?

Yes. Our WHMCS module can be used in environments where your database is replicated to other nodes/hosts.

What custom themes does the module work with?

We make the module compatible with Lagom theme out-of-the-box. The WHMCS Support Module uses hooks to place data on templates. Due to this, it should be compatible with most WHMCS themes. You can use a Free license to check compatibility with your theme.

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